Happy New Year!! Book Completion Goals

It’s a New Year, and we’ve ALL done it: Made New Year Resolutions that we do not keep!

But why, oh why do we NOT keep our resolutions? Because we fail to plan and develop strategy, not to mention our follow through is so lacking.

One New Year Resolution that I see writers make is to complete their book and become a, “published” author. There is a difference between a writer and a published author. This is why I desired to start this year’s blog posts with tips on how to to get your book done.

The most important take away I desire you to receive from this post is that your book, once completed is a Revenue generating machine. Every moment it goes undone, you thwart your income potential in more ways than you will realize. This is why I came up with 3 main tips you can incorporate immediately in order to get your book done. Take a look below….

3 Tips to Get Your Book Completed:

  1. STOP PROCRASTINATING. Procrastination has to be the killer of all dreams, big AND small. The key to eliminating procrastination in 2021 is making up your mind that you will put the action plan in place in order to complete your goals. Nothing is worse than a dream deferred by a mind that was never made up to seize the dream in the first place.
  2. GATHER YOUR BOOK CONTENT. Whether your book is clouded in a journal you have been writing in for years, or still trapped in your head, it’s time to get that book together!! I have spoken to countless authors who ALWAYS seem to have scatter brains, whether they are not sure where to start OR how to get organized. The key is to gather your content, no mater where it lies. If it’s trapped in your brain, you can always talk it out. You can use a talk to text app, or you can simply employ your note pad app on your cell phone OR tablet. Either is workable. Once you have talked out what’s in your brain, and have it in text form, shoot it to yourself by email, and then copy and paste it to your favorite word processing software. If your info is in a journal written down, you can employ the same method in order to get it into text format.
  3. AFFIRM YOUR CONFIDENCE LEVEL. Once you have gathered your content, it’s time to become confident in what you have achieved so far: taking the next step to becoming a published author. Most do not make step #2, and they live in the realms of step #1: A procrastinator hog. Do not remain here, your dream is way more achievable than you realize.

Here are some affirmations you can say to help build your confidence:

I am a Published Author, My dream is coming true!

I am worthy of making a positive impact on the world!

I am capable of being a person of influence.

I am ready to hold my book in my hands!

I am worthy of creating an additional stream of income.

Fear is not my portion, I am a courageous being!

Now that you have taken some time to affirm your greatness, get ready, 2021 is your year to become a published author! I am rooting for you, you got this!

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