Our Mission at IBG Publications is to become the premier choice for writers to become published, coached and marketed as world renowned authors.


  • Provide quality products for the investment.
  • Provide pride for authors, their brand and their work.
  • Operate in integrity at any cost.
  • Provide value and importance to our clients.
  • Present a product which attracts ideal clients.


IBG or Inspired By God Publications started as a vision of our CEO. She was working as a Cashier in a grocery store when The Lord spoke to her and gave her the name: Power to Wealth Enterprises. He told her it would be a business umbrella, and IBG was one of the first companies He gave her under this umbrella.

But she had no idea how the vision would evolve. In the year 2008, Audrea embarked to publish her personal memoir, “Through the Fire,” but she was unable to locate a publisher who would take on her project. This was when once again, the Lord spoke to her and advised her to do it on her own. Clueless, she obeyed God. It was through the advice of a friend that she purchased a book giving her a step by step action plan to publish her book. By the year 2009, Audrea was holding her book in her hands and not long after began helping other Authors get published.

Over the course of executing the Vision of IBG, Audrea soon learned authors were having issues with marketing their books. There seemed to be a consistent trend, after the launch: books sales went sour. This totally changed the trajectory of IBG, causing her to develop products not just for publishing, but for coaching and marketing.

IBG has helped countless authors publish, market and expand their income by delivering quality products.


I am Audrea V. Heard, Serial Author and Serial Entrepreneur. It is my sincere desire to see you grow and succeed as a Writer & Published Author.

I developed IBG Publications to assist authors in the writing and publishing process. Experiencing many bumps and bruises along my publishing journey, it has become my passion to not just publish but educate authors along their journey.

It is my hope to reach thousands of writers, showing them the POWER in their pen!