Encourage Yourself

I am Audrea V. Heard, Serial Author, The Author’s Coach & Marketing Guru

My Passion for Writing

My Journey in writing started at a very young age. I was more than likely about 17 years old when I can recall writing and reciting one of the first poems I had ever written.

It was my Grandmother’s 75th Birthday and I was asked to write a poem. I had been writing poetry up until that point, but barely recall reciting in public. I was eager to share my poetry, but most of all, I was grateful to be able to express my love and admiration for my grandmother.

I was nervous, and it showed; so much that I started crying in the middle of reading the poem. Although I suffered from rejection MOST of my childhood and young adult life, there was always something inside of me that was rooting for myself. I always knew that there was something special inside of me, and over the years, I have seen that “something special” come out a time or two.

To say that I have always been passionate about writing is more than likely an understatement. I have always loved writing. Most times I wrote as a form of therapy and never saw myself writing books. It has been in the last 10 years of my life that books have become my way of life or my saving grace so to speak. And to this day, I could not imagine my life without exercising my passion to write books. It’s sort of become my addiction.

Not only have I become addicted to writing books, I have also become passionate about helping others write and publish their books. I believe it is the best way to leave a legacy and be remembered. Writing your thoughts and words down on paper shows generations after you that you thought enough about yourself to leave something in the earth besides your memory. Your words matter, and your story matters.

I am sharing a piece of my journey because I need someone who may be reading this to know that what you do in life matters, and what you leave in the earth matters. If you are looking for a huge cheering squad to get it done, that may never happen. But what can happen? You can encourage yourself enough to make sure that your words are penned to paper and left as an encouragement to someone else. Your words will encourage someone else to believe in themselves, giving them the encouragement that they can do it no matter what.

You can accomplish what you heart desires if you just pull on that small inkling inside of you that says, “You CAN do it and you do not need anyone’s permission!”

Believe in you, encourage YOU! Make it happen for YOU.

It’s your legacy, leave it on paper!

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