How to Overcome Writers Block: 5 Tips that work!

Common causes of Writers Block

All writers have come across writers block a time or two, maybe even 3 or 4. But here are some of the things I have learned Which may have caused writer’s block:

Physically Prepared: Physically you are ready. You sat down to the computer, you blocked off time to write, but mentally, your MIND is not quite focused yet. This happens to the best of us.

Clarity: Your ideas are not clear. You may have considered what you wanted to write about but when you sat down, your ideas are not coming out as clear as you thought they would.

Perfect Timing: You’re looking for the perfect opportunity to get started. When you wait for EVERYTHING to come together, sometimes it never does.

How do we overcome these “Issues?”

There are several ways you can go about getting beyond Writers Block. I will share with you 5 Tips to overcoming Writers Block. These tips have proven to work for me and I also suggest them to others.

Here are 5 Tips for Overcoming Writers Block:

1) Relaxation: Grab a cup of your favorite hot tea and listen to some soothing nature Sounds like ocean waves, rain or birds chirping.

2) Hit the Beach: If you live near water, like a lake or beach, spend some time sitting on the water. The roar of the sea helps to open up your inner writer’s flow. Take your journal, you WILL be inspired to write.

3) Meditate: Meditation helps to clear out your mind, and releases your writing rhythm. But only meditate on good things.

4) Walk Away: Walk away from your work station and focus your mind on something else; then come back. Walking away from what you are writing will help you to clear your mind. This will also alleviate any pressure you may fill to just “get done” with whatever you are working on.

5) Focus on Your Subject Matter: Listen to a podcast, audio recording or watch a program that is relevant to what you are writing about. Watching and listening to content similar to what you are writing somehow seems to stir up your creative juices. Now be careful, don’t plagiarize! Listen for Inspiration, not Duplication!

I hope these 5 Tips to Overcoming Writers Block help you to push past those barriers to create and publish books that are works of art!


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